A group of Rotarians from our International Committee recently paid a visit to Tools for Self Reliance at Netley Marsh o present a donation of £500 to cover the sponsorship of 10 boxes of tools which are being sent out to Africa in the next few weeks.

In the morning our members were given a tour of the site & an explanation of how TFSR works.

However, being “People of Action”,  they quickly got stuck into helping packing refurbished sewing machines and haberdashery kits for delivery to Zambia, first packing the machines, then weighing  & labelling the boxes before stacking them on a pallet readu for shipment.

They then moved on to packing refurbished hand tools. Each box had to contain a specific  list of tools, each of which needed to be retrieved from the appropriate storage location, ticked off, wrapped in newspaper & placed in the box, made out of donated wood. The boxes we were sponsoring were then sealed & labelled with the  Rotary logo and wording to state that the tools were sponsored by the Christchurch Rotary.

These boxes are part of a pilot scheme with TFSR working with the Zambian prison service. In the scheme low risk prisoners are taught a trade using the tools, then if they reach the required standard on their release, they leave prison and are presented with their own set of tools of their acquired trade to enable them to work and earn a living.

If you’d like to find out more about TSFR, you might like to go to their upcoming “Tea Party, Tools & Haberdashery Sale” – see the flyer below…