Tuesday 6th February saw 5 of our members attend this year’s Youth Speaks  competition to support the teams from Twynham school taking part in addition to David Richardson who headed the judging of one of the competitions.

In the intermediate competition, the winners were from Bournemouth School; Twynham School were not placed in the 1st three competitors, but it was a close thing.     Their team was Jules Obbord-Gratadoux as  chairperson, Noah Riggs as proposer and Geneveive Wenham as opposer; their topic was ,”Is sprinting better than long distance running for fitness”.    Other subjects for the teams included –  “Sport  is more beneficial for society than the arts”,  “Should video games be part of the school curriculum?”, “Footballers are overpaid” and “All; domestic pets in the U.K. should have free assess to veterinary care”.     All teams choose their own topics.

In the senior competition Twynham School were again champions; the  senior team was  Elose Pullen as  chairperson, Eden Armstrong as proposer and Yan Nicholas as  Opposer;  In addition Yan was the best speaker, who displayed a good sense of humour!     Their topic was “Is there a new cold war between the     U.S.A. and China?”     In second place was Bournemouth School for Girls – whose  subject was “Grammar Schools in the U.K. should be banned!” – rather humorous for grammar school pupils!.     Another topics was, “Should we should pay all politicians the average national salary?”

An excellent  evening of skills, entertainment and not a little humour!