In addition to the fantastic work done by our members on Christchurch Living Advent Calendar, our members also had time to run 4 days of charity collections at Waitrose & Sainsburys  before Christmas with proceeds going equally to Christchurch Hospital, Macmillan Caring Locally, Christchurch Support Kabin and our own charity account (which is used to provide funds  for grants to charities & desrving causes throughout the year). The total amount raised was in excess of £2500 – up 26% on last year!

No content with these achievements, members were also back at Waitrose on 6th January collecting food for the Christchurch Food Bank – a total of 555.65Kg of food & £77.85 in cash was kindly donated.

We would like to thank Waitrose & Sainsburys for allowing us to run the collections again & , most importantly,  the members of the local community who have been so generous with their donations!